Succession, Execution, Alignment

Your trusted advisor through confidential, sound, and objective guidance….working together to deliver increased value specific to your business.

Business Lifecycle and Continuity

Help with your product and solutions strategy, messaging, and delivering the value your customers expect in a complex and fast-changing environment.

Strategic or Board Advisory

Feel comfortable delegating your most important responsibilities with the assurance that your ‘second pair of hands’ will help you achieve your goals as you want them to be achieved.

Family Business Experience and Perspectives

Let me help guide and challenge your family business from roles and responsibilities, separation/convergence of duties, and moving from a lifestyle to growth-oriented business


Steven M Kerscher


  • A strong senior management executive with excellent leadership skills and profit and loss experience that has yielded outstanding product, organization and financial results in a highly competitive business.
  • 15 year professional career
  • 8 years of management leadership experience (President, GM, COO)
  • 2 years leading and incubating an international start-up operation within a global multi-national organization (Wolters Kluwer)
  • Grew Lexi-Comp, Inc. through rapid expansion and successful acquisition, and transition to new ownership
  • 5 year member of Vistage International
  • Healthcare, SaaS, Technology, Financial Analysis, Business Development and Partnerships, Product Management, and International Sales
  • Plain Dealer Top Work Places 2010, 2011
  • Northcoast 99 Top Employer Award 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Leading EDGE award winner 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Weatherhead 100 fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Leadership Development Program, Center for Creative Leadership
  • FedEx Leadership Development Program
  • Young President’s Organization (YPO) 2008 to 2011
  • Vistage (formerly TEC) 2008 to March 2014
  • The Entreprenuers’ EDGE 2003 to 2011
  • Twenty in their Twenties (Crain's Business Cleveland)

Advisory Services

  • Owners looking to transition leadership of a business (whether internally or externally) need knowledge, insight, and experience. The transition process starts with a plan, necessitates strong execution and alignment, and results in enormous value creation.
  • Owners must prepare while staying focused on customers and growing and positioning the company for succession.
  • Experience matters! Engage someone who has successfully transitioned to new ownership and management teams. Let me help you maximize the results important to you.
  • As leaders, we change our organizations frequently. Leadership preparing and communicating change throughout the organization….the status quo leads to death.
  • Planning and preparation is part of making change easier and having someone help you through it is essential. You need someone to encourage and challenge you when you are riding high and pick you up when you are down.
  • We must answer key questions, set the vision, goals, and outcomes desired…including how you are doing before, during, and after the change takes place.
  • As someone who has been on both sides of change (from running functional departments to new leadership positions to entirely new successor organizations), I can help you prepare, manage, execute, and align your organization and yourself for this journey.
  • I grew up living the family business. It was founded when I was a year old and I saw it, lived it, participated in it, ran it, grew it, sold it, and stayed on with the successor organization. As second generation, I had a unique perspective and role, as well as interaction amongst multiple family members and many family friends.
  • Let me help guide and challenge your family business from roles and responsibilities, separation or convergence of duties, and moving from a lifestyle to growth-oriented business.
  • Don’t run your business by the numbers. The numbers are the result, but you do need to be wise about the story they tell and don’t tell.
  • How do the balance sheet and income statement interrelate? Cash flow. Let’s understand how cash is generated in your business.
  • Learn how to scale your business for the future while improving your current margins. There is a recipe.
  • Know the metrics – what to measure, when to measure, and how to measure accountability.
  • Start with where you want to end and let’s work back from there. Destination visualization is essential to getting there. Realize along the way there are many ways to reach your destination, but only the owner/CEO gets to decide what the destination is.
  • Engage your team to develop ways to achieve your goals and then diligently work to make it happen.
  • Let me assist you with developing your vision, strategic initiatives, executive sponsors, and creating ownership and alignment. There can be many competing interests that derail productive off-site strategy meetings. Let’s talk about making those meetings the most effective they can be through my facilitation plans and skills.
  • Does everyone in your business know how you make money? What your core values are? What are your aspirational values? Does communication flow bottom up AND top down?
  • Get the results you expect through alignment and communication. Focusing energy in these two areas can drive your results.
  • You don’t have to be prophetic or have charisma, but you do need a stump speech and a script for success!
  • Alignment isn’t a one-way street. The more people you have working the script from your board to the front line, results in better accountability.
  • If you feel you don’t have someone to run ideas past, you are not alone. If you don’t have an advisor who will be straight with you, then you have a ‘yes’ person.
  • I will do the diligence work to learn your business, industry, and environment to offer sound perspective and advice.
  • Perhaps you have an ‘up and coming’ leader in your organization who you want to challenge with a new assignment and provide mentorship. If so, I can help.
  • Feel confident in handing me your most important projects and assignments to help drive your organization forward. I bring valuable experience and proven results to help augment your team.
  • Are you considering starting an Advisory Board or Board of Directors?
  • Many business owners are concerned about the added expense and outsiders’ opinions about their business. Let’s talk about the upsides, downsides and value you receive from a Board.
  • My experience includes the value you will derive from board of advisors and how to effectively create and engage with your board.
  • While I spent a majority of my career in Healthcare, our business relied heavily on technology, information dissemination, and customer service.
  • If you struggle with finding a recurring revenue stream or deal with high fixed costs, I can help deliver insights as to how you can customize and scale at the same time.
  • In a complex and fast-changing environment, I can help you with your product and solutions strategy, messaging, and delivering the value your customers expect.
  • If you specialize in Healthcare, call on me to help you get a view of Healthcare IT, opportunities, and trends to exploit.

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